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At Oga Technologies, we aim to deliver software and hardware solutions with best quality and impeccable service at competitive prices for utmost client satisfaction by :


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We are also a provider of Environment Management solutions backed by technology, for the cities of the future.

We envision to provide environment management solutions backed by technology for monitoring and reporting pollution in the city. These are hybrid software/hardware solutions. Data collected in such a way is also made available to build services based on this data.


Some of the services we can build are :

  • Traffic pollution reporting and control,
  • Water quality, hardness monitoring and control of potable water;
  • Re usability quotients of gray water for households, etc.



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OGA Technologies is an IT services and solutions company managed by professional engineers from various fields of the Information Technology Industry who have wide experience at the national and international levels. They provide various IT services and also solve the problems related to IT infrastructure


Oga Technologies deliver software and hardware solutions with the best quality and impeccable service at competitive prices for utmost client satisfaction by :



Oga Technologies have worked with:

  • Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha
  • ESSARJEE Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Corporate Group of Institutes
  • Adit Microsys Pvt. Ltd.
  • Motodata
  • EisenVault
  • IL & FS Technologies Ltd.
  • MPCON Limited




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