ARVO SMS® is Housing Society Management system that offers a solution to resolve all issues involved in smooth running of a resident welfare association.
This system provides complete transparency in working of a Housing Society Resident Welfare association as per the guidelines and mandate of the Government.


Following is a list of all the features of our Society Management system

    • Resident Directory

      View members, residents, committee members, office bearers.

    • Society Document Management

      Manage and view upload all society documents, Member Documents and Tenant ID documents

    • Schedule Meetings

      Schedule meetings general body, other categories or for celebrations and occasions. Members will be notified via email, SMS about any meeting, they can then login to their accounts and see details. If some payments have to be made, a payment gateway is also integrated.

    • Service and Staff Directory

Manage and see all service staff details and Service categories like Solid Waste Management Staff, Electrical Maintenance staff, General staff, security staff etc.

    • Complaints and Suggestions

Members can register complaints or suggestions and society administrator can resolve these complaints. This helps in transparent dispute resolution and is necessary to maintain harmony and run the society.

    • Assets, Facilities and Vendor Management

Manage society assets ( consumable as well as permanent), Facilities like club, Gym, Party Halls, Open areas, garden etc. Also manage vendors from whom the assets have been purchased.

    • Manage Accounts

All accounting related activities including ledgers, income, expenses,vouchers, POs etc can be managed.

  • One Place for All Reports

    With this high quality management system software which is accessible from anywhere, members can view reports of all the accounting information including financial transactions and balance sheets of the society. Members can also view list of vendors, purchases, staff, maintenance activities of the society.