Our Education Institution Management System (EIMS) has these technology elements integrated :

  • An integrated Software Solution
  • A dynamic and interactive Web Portal
  • Smart Cards Solution
  • SMS Messaging System
  • Mobile Application Interface

The unique features of EIMS that make it an attractive proposition for users in the education sector are:

  • Only basic knowledge of computers is required for operation of EIMS. As it has user-friendly application interface.
  • EIMS is Customizable and User Configurable.
  • An in-built Settings module makes EIMS flexibility to cater to diverse organizational needs.
  • EIMS brings information to the user’s desktop through integration across all modules.
  • EIMS is a Multi-user system. EIMS has administrator controlled user privileges for Multi-level access control for security.
  • Improves co-ordination between student–teacher, parent–institute, teacher-teacher and teacher-management. This increases quality and effectiveness of education in the whole institution and increases transparency of operations at all levels.
  • EIMS has pre-defined reports. These are used for normal reporting as well as Student & teacher development purpose. Additionally, EIMS can be easily customized for generating reports as per institute’s requirements.

Integrated software Module
Student Data Processing and Utility Modules