RERA Compliant Real Estate Management System

ARVO BMS® is a RERA Compliant Real Estate Business Management System that enables medium to small size construction companies to manage customer requirements, project planning, documentation, site execution, engineering modifications and project communication in Real Time.

This solution will improve your efficiency in managing construction projects, reducing project delays, and optimizing costs.

Key Modules & Features:

  • Manage sales activities like customer Application, Cost Calculation, Allotment Letter, Agreement letter generation and Documentation.
  • Application Forms.
  • Cost Settlement.
  • Graphical Dashboard for Management to monitor sales and performance in real time.
  • Manage customer Documents.
  • Manage customer Documents including Agreements, Demand Letters, Invoices, Payments, Settlements, Dues, Possession Documents etc.
  • Manage Site Status with facility to accept reports directly from the site.
  • Generate Demand letters as per site progress.
  • Manage Invoices and Payments from the customer.
  • Calculate interest on pending payments.
  • Graphical Dashboard for Management to monitor site performance in real time.
  • Manage Purchases, Material Requirements.
  • Track POs, Invoices and Bills.
  • Track Project Progress.
Vendor Management
  • Manage Vendors, add to Approved, Preferred Vendors.
  • Register Vendor Bills, Quotations and POs
  • Keep a Record of Vendor documents
  • White list/ black list Vendor based on performance.
Contractor Management
  • Manage Contractors, add to Approved, Preferred Contractors.
  • Register Bills, Quotations and Work Orders
  • Allocate material from Inventory
  • Generate gate passes, challans etc.
  • Keep a Record of Contractor documents
Inventory & Store Management
  • Complete Inventory Management.
  • Manage Purchases, Material Requirements.
  • Manage Material replacements, re-order etc.
  • Track Project Material requirements.